As a native Dubliner living in in the tropics I've always felt a wee bit like a stranger in a strange land.
Miami-Dade County has to be one of the 'least Irish' communities the United States.
That being said, South Florida is similar to an Irish rural town in one respect - there may be more Irish pubs here than there are Irish-born people!
The Magic City - an unlikely place to find an Irish pub, no doubt, but six? Jaysus!

So, with me shillelagh under me arm and a twinkle in me eye, I set out to discover why
so many Irish pubs have sprung up in this unlikely outpost of the New World lo these past few years.
I suspect it's because Irish pubs are synonomous with good food, drink, music and great craic, but I need to be sure, to be sure.

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